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Oxfam is a vibrant global movement of dedicated people fighting poverty and injustice. Together. Doing amazing work. Together. People power drives everything we do. From saving lives and developing projects that put poor people in charge of their lives and livelihoods, to campaigning for change that lasts. That's Oxfam in action. For more information go to Thank you.

About Oxfam GB

Oxfam is a vibrant global movement of dedicated people fighting poverty - together. Oxfam fights poverty in three ways: Campaigning, Development and Emergency Response. Campaigning for change: Poverty isn’t just about lack of resources. In a wealthy world it’s about bad decisions made by powerful people. Oxfam campaigns hard, putting pressure on leaders for real lasting change. Development work: Poor people can take control, solve their own problems, and rely on themselves – with the right support. Fighting poverty, we fund long-term work worldwide. Emergency response: People need help in an emergency – fast. We save lives, swiftly delivering aid, support, and protection; and we help people prepare for future crises. Oxfam also has around 670 shops in the UK and an online shop selling over 100,000 volunteer-listed second-hand clothes, books, music, and collectables, plus Fairtrade and ethical gifts: Interested in working for Oxfam? Why not click on our Linkedin 'careers' tab or visit We're also on Twitter @oxfamgbjobs. NB This profile represents and is run by Oxfam GB in the UK -

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There is an emergency

When disaster strikes Oxfam's priority is to start saving lives, then to help people come back stronger. We make sure people can get clean water to drink and decent sanitation. We provide help for people to get food and the essentials they need to survive and ensure the most vulnerable are kept safe from harm. We support them in being better prepared to cope with shocks and uncertainties and we help rebuild communities to come back stronger from disaster and to face the future on their own terms. We're responding to emergencies around the world right now.

There for the long haul

We work at grassroots level, promoting development, helping people to help themselves out of poverty - supporting their right to work and provide for their loved ones. Advancing women's rights and building fair livelihoods - these are the most effective ways to end poverty. Because when there's clean running water. When communities rebuild stronger after a crisis. When people can provide for their families. When women have a chance to live free from discrimination. When girls have the chance to gain an education. When we challenge the systems that keep people poor. When we work for a more equal and sustainable world. That's when we will end the injustice of poverty for everyone.

Speaking out together

From Downing Street to the World Bank, we make sure the voices of the world's poorest people are heard loud and clear. We bring our passionate supporters together to take action on big issues that keep people poor, like inequality, climate change and hunger. We challenge the systems and institutions that are the cause of the injustice of poverty, to ensure lasting change. Every action is powerful - signing a petition, pressuring big business, marching on Westminster. When we speak as one, world leaders listen.


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  • Oxfam House John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford. OX4 2JY, UK
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