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Consultancy: Communication & Visibility Plan-Effective Citizenship & Responsive Governance project

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Oxfam is a global movement of people working together to end the injustice of poverty. We have been working in Pakistan since 1973 to ensure all people, especially women and girls are able to exercise their rights and have access to basic services and economic resources.


We recognize the opportunities available in Pakistan to achieve social justice, lasting peace and sustainable development for all its citizens. So together with our local partners, Oxfam in Pakistan is working to empower people to create a future which is secure, just and free from poverty. We work with local groups, media, academia, private sector, think tanks and the government to improve livelihoods, provide humanitarian aid, create safer communities and promote economic and gender justice





Oxfam is implementing the European-Union (EU) funded ‘Effective Citizenship and Responsive Governance’ project in Pakistan with the aim of strengthening local government bodies and rights-based Civil-Society Organisations (CSO) to improve governance, accountability and development process at district, provincial and national levels. The project will work with both local government representatives and citizens in six districts in the provinces of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh.

Effective and consistent communication with key target audience at every stage of the project cycle is essential for successfully achieving the aims of the project. A clear, structured communication and visibility plan is a foundational document which guides the activities of all partners and stakeholders in carrying out effective communication. It outlines a set of activities to ensure visibility of the project, build awareness among stakeholders on the carried-out activities and their results, support the involvement of partners and stakeholders into the project implementation, and carry out proper information dissemination to support the aims of the project.



To ensure that all communication activities carried out under the Effective Citizenship and Responsive Governance project are consistent, staged, strategic and measurable and in line with the requirements of the EU. A visibility and communication will ensure that activities are cognizant of objectives, target audiences and resources and provide accountability and transparency on the use of funds to donors and citizens of partner countries.



Oxfam in Pakistan seeks the services of a consultant or firm to produce a Visibility and Communications Plan for the Effective Citizenship and Responsive Governance project. The plan must be in the form of a comprehensive document, produced in close collaboration with the project team at Oxfam and will be subject to approval by the EU.



The main output will be a comprehensive document which must include the following sections, in addition to introduction, conclusion, background and other sections needed to make the document a complete guide for effective communication during the project cycle:

  1. i) A clear communication objective
  2. ii) Specific targets for each quarter, drawn from the objective

iii) Well-defined target audience with details about their motivations, language, values, media-consumption habits etc.

  1. iv) Key-messages in line with the aims of the project and cognizant of the target audience
  2. v) A calendar of activities
  3. vi) A list of appropriate communication channels and a justification of why these channels have been selected

vii) A monitoring and evaluation plan to measure the success and reach of the activities


Additionally, the consultant is responsible for ensuring that the plan is in accordance with the communication and visibility requirements of the EU and the branding guidelines of Oxfam. The consultant must also ensure that they study the project documents in detail and have a thorough understanding of the project aims and outputs.



The engagement is expected to commence as soon as a contract has been signed between the Consultant and Oxfam but must not take more than one month.




Proposals must be mailed to the Oxfam office in sealed envelopes clearly titled ‘Communication & Visibility Plan-Effective Citizenship & Responsive Governance project’. The following must be included in the proposal:

1) Resume/profile of the company or applicant

2) Technical Proposal outlining methodology, plan and approach

3) Itemized financial proposal for the above



All proposals must be submitted by 22nd April 2018 to the following address:

Oxfam House, Idrees Market St.11-A, F-10/2, Islamabad, Pakistan



Candidates must demonstrate at least 5-7 years of experience in strategic communication for development. They must list names of the organisation for which communication and visibility strategies have been previously drafted. Experience working with international organisations, particularly in the field of governance will be preferred.


The proposals will be evaluated through a competitive selection process and scored according to the following criteria:


1) Profile of the Consultant (relevant, proven experience)50 points
2)Proposed methodology, plan & approach25 points
3) Proposed budget25 points


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